How Programmatic Ad Buying Can Help You Boost Your Business – Exponentially

Advertising On Mobile

Imagine a situation where you do not need anymore to bother pre-qualifying your prospects just because someone else does it for you. Imagine where you can run your online ad campaigns virtually hands-free – the advertising platform automatically bids on impressions and shows your ads just as quick? Now imagine that both features are found in one ad platform.

That, in essence, is the power of programmatic ad buying. You might think that programmatic ad buying is still in its beta stage. However, the truth about this type of ad platform is that it has been around for a few years, however, it was only in 2015 that it gained traction. Now the online marketing world cannot stop, and it is expected for programmatic ads to take over regular pay-per-click ads within the coming six months.

Probably the biggest advertising networks for this type of ads are Google Ad Exchange and Facebook advertising. If you have noticed, as you are on your Facebook account, ads that are related to what you have been searching on Google suddenly appear. This is the power of ads when they are embedded with some kind of artificial intelligence or, at the very least, an algorithm.

It does not mean that Google has been sharing your info, what it means is that cookies and tokens on your laptop and smartphones are signalling to the programmatic advertising program that there is a match between a client’s info on its preferred customer and you. In other words, you have just been identified as a hot lead by virtue of your what you have been searching, coupled with the info on your Facebook account.

If you have ever seen those ads that seem to speak directly to you, those are the advertisements of the programmatic kind. Yes, they are scary and powerful. But if you are an online marketer, you already know that there is a great opportunity at work here. Rather than doing PPC ads where you need to sort and bid on keywords that are so-called “buying” keywords or keywords that indicate a user’s intention to buy, you let an algorithm and a field of tokens do the work for you.

If you use a programmatic ad platform, the only thing you need to do is dig information on your buyers, their demographics, the content they consume, etc. You can sleuth the information yourself by creating a membership website. Or you could pay for the information – there are third-party companies out there that gather this type of information and the stile on also allows you to optimize the ads.

Programmatic advertising is the closest that we can come to good old-fashioned direct marketing where a marketer needs to research on a customer’s hot buttons. It’s a fully-automated process that only depends on the accuracy of your client’s information to succeed.

As we said before, the largest platforms for this type of advertising are Google Ad Exchange and Facebook. There are many more platforms you can try that are cheaper.